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Daily Archives: December 15, 2010

Neo Grunge

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Something cosy & fluffy + something airy & feminine + something bad gal & ass kicking = Everything in perfect harmony.

Chanel’s spring 2011 collection is awesome, Ombres Perlees de Chanel is a must have. The shades are autumnal enough for a cool crisp spring morning yet the finishes are luminescent enough for a bright sunny noon.


Festival Make Up DIY

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I came across some really great articles & editorials about DIY make up sytle from

Busy preparing the party/dinner and only have 5 minutes to freshen up before the guests arriving? Take inspiration from Chanel’s fashion show.

Polished glamour

The focus: Red lips – Yeap, I told you red lips are huge, and seasonal!

Create a flawless base using a cream foundation like Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Makeup, with a light-reflecting concealer under the eyes such as Lift Lumiere Smoothing and Rejuvenating Eye Contour Concealer under the eyes. Set with a light, translucent powder.

Apply a creamy eyeshadow such as Ombre D’eau – this is a liquid form and can be used as a refreshing wash over the eyelids.

Curl the lashes to open the eye, followed by a fine application of black mascara such as Sculpte Cils Mascara and comb through with a lash comb.

Apply a classic red lipstick, such as Rouge Coco in Pirate, straight on to the lips from the tube but blot the lip line with a clean small finger to soften hard edges to keep the look modern.

Expert tip: ‘Red lip colours come in three families – pink reds, orange reds and true balanced reds,’ says Chanel Academy trainer, Matt Wright. ‘True balanced reds ( Rouge Coco in Gabrielle ) suit all skin tones, but if you have small lips or are new to wearing red, mixing with gloss will making the colour easier to wear and increase volume. Olive or golden skin colours are flattered by a sunny ‘orange’ red ( Rouge Allure in Brilliant ).

Beware if teeth are stained as orange reds emphasise discolouration. Pink reds ( Rouge Coco in Paris ) generally harmonise with fairer, rosy skin tones. This type of red with its slightly blue undertone makes teeth look whiter.

Want to look well rested & fabulous on Boxing Day? Giorgio Armani shows you how to appear revitalised & flushed in nudes.

Sculptured skin

The focus: Cheek bones –  If you weren’t born with it, fake it!

The key to this base is using a darker foundation where you want to shade, and a highlighter to enhance areas where the light would naturally hit your face. Every face structure is different so study your own carefully before you begin. For example, don’t add highlighter to an already prominent chin.

Apply a skin primer such as Fluid Master Primer, to smooth and mattify the skin. Next, using a foundation brush, apply a layer of liquid formula foundation such as Luminous Silk foundation mixed with a liquid highlighter such as Fluid Sheer in Golden Brown.

Now mix a lighter foundation with a lighter highlighter such as Fluid Sheer in Shimmering Beige, and apply with a brush to highlight cheekbones, middle of the forehead, down the high point of the nose, a little on the chin and possibly the top of the lip to make it appear fuller.

Use Sheer Bronzer rather than blusher to sculpt the cheeks by applying in a soft line under the cheekbone and blending, before highlighting the cheekbones with the lighter of your shimmering foundation mixes. Pat your finger over lips with the base foundation to tone down the natural rosy pigmentation.

Expert tip: ‘If collarbone or shoulders are on display, use the remaining highlighter on your brush for added glow,’ advises session make-up artist, Sahzayasina.

If you’re going to visit friends & families during the festive season,  make up is essential; It’s common decency. Bobbi Brown’s style would be a safe option, decent yet delicious.

Fresh face

The focus: Glowing skin; Ethereal + winter snow = Angelicious

Apply a cream foundation, such as Skin Foundation SPF15 with the fingers ( the warmth from your skin will set your make-up with a more natural finish ). Pat and blend, never wipe.

Use a cream concealer – try Creamy Concealer under the eyes. Next, apply a cream or gel blush, such as Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks for a healthy glow. Avoid matte powder blush for this look.

Now apply a fine line of liquid eyeliner, such as Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner along the top lids and then dot finely between the lower lashes. Using a blending brush, sweep a tawny eyeshadow like Eye Shadow Mahogony blended with a shimmer, such as Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Beige across top lids and along the lower lash line, blending well.

Curl the lashes and apply one coat of black mascara. Finish with a pinky-brown lipstick, like Creamy Lip Color in Rose-Brown mixed with lip balm for a fresh gleam.

Expert tip: ‘To match your perfect foundation shade, test colours on your cheek rather than your hand or neck, which are different colours and textures to your face,’ says session makeup-artist Sama Sahzayasina. ‘When you press the applied product into your cheek it should disappear. That’s your shade!’

Finally, for those party girls, look no further than NARS dramatic eyes.

Party drama

The focus: Dramatic bright eyes

This look focuses on a clean face with a strong, greeny-blue eye. Start by applying a tinted moisturiser or lightweight foundation, such as Sheer Glow Foundation. Next, line the eyelids close to top and bottom lashes with a turquoise soft eyeliner pencil such as Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium.

Then apply a light green eyeshadow, such as Duo Eyeshadow in South Pacific in the inner corner of your eye. Brush the colour along the socket and up to the brow bone.

Next apply a darker green, like Duo Eyeshadow in Cleo into the socket line and blend up and out. Push a very dark green eyeshadow very close to the lash line in the outer corner of the eye and blend round underneath the eye, taking the colour about 2/3 of the way in.

Below the green, add a dark blue eyeshadow such as Duo Eyeshadow in Persepolis.

Finish by curling the lashes and applying one coat of thickening black mascara such as Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara. Keep lips a nude pink shade, such as Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok to keep the focus on the eyes.

Expert tip: ‘For party make-up that lasts all night use a primer, such as NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, which helps lock in moisture to the skin. Apply to the eye area after cleansing and mositurising and before make-up’.

Now you have all the inspirations to look great this Christmas & New Year. Thanks to

Chanel Lumières Byzantines

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Just when you thought you have got everything you need for Christmas…… Here comes Chanel extremely limited, highly collectible Lumieres Byzantines palette!

Chanel Lumieres Byzantines palette contains 5 cream products that can be used as a highlighter or an eyeshadow. Only 1500 of these beauties will be made. Such an artistic palette that resembles & reflects the beauty of a romanian mosaics.