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La Mer Eye Balm Intense

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The new Marine De-Puff Ferment™, The Lifting Ferment™ and a potent concentration of The Miracle Broth™ – the seaborne elixir known for its healing energies – penetrate deep within the skin’s surface for a remarkable change, while the unique balm texture offers the utmost in comfort.

In a short while, the look of puffiness, lines and wrinkles is diminished as clarity is revealed. La Mer’s proprietary silver-tipped applicator cools skin on contact to help stimulate mircocirculation.

Strengthened against future damage, the eye area emerges visibly transformed – infused with a look of vibrancy, life and youth.

La Mer Eye Balm Intense is an intensive cream gel that instantly revives  my fatigue eyes, de-puffs my bags & un-wrinkles those annoying dry lines & expression lines around my eyes. Unlike most nourishing eye cream, this balm feels light & refreshing, absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy residues. It also facilitates concealer & eye make up application.

I tried the sample for 2 weeks, I am so impressed by this and bought myself the full size jar. I apply this with the silver tip applicator, which enhances the potency & penetration of this miracle broth. It’s not mean to be used to tackle dark circles; For dark shadows banishing, La Mer Eye Concentrate is the choice.

I had yet to come across a better eye balm/cream/gel since …… ( I don’t even remember when was the last time an eye product managed to impress me! )


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