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Sisley Supremya

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The most expensive skin cream I had ever purchased.

Intended to be used at night time,  Sisley Supremya was developed to optimize the future of your skin with the best possible skin rejuvenation and renewal process. The magic bullet behind this silky serum is the Phyto-complex LC12, a symphony of of four plant-based active ingredients.

The complex is said to extend the life span of your skin cells and improve their quality of life, which translates to improving the texture, tone, quality and youthful activity of the skin.

25 anti-aging actions of Supremya:


Anti-collagenase action

Anti-elastase action

Action against the glycation of collagen fibres

Stimulation of collagen synthesis

Stimulation of GAG synthesis

Stimulation of cutaneous micro-circulation


Strengthening of the epidermis’ intercellular cement

Stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis

Stimulation of anchoring molecule synthesis in the DEJ (Dermal-epidermal Junction)

Instant tensor effect

Regulation of skin desquamation

Global  ( dermis + epidermis )

Action on cellular longevity

Powerful anti-free radical action

DNA protection

Stimulation of HSP (Heat Shock Protein) synthesis

Strengthening of the skin’s “immune” defences

Complementary anti-aging actions




Reparative properties

Protective properties

Revitalizing action

Soothing action

Calming action

Purifying action

Results :

In 2 months, Supremÿa visibly repairs the skin’s past. Its “in-depth” rejuvenating action shows on the outside  –

The face appears younger upon awakening.

The skin is regenerated, firmer, more toned.

The features are smoothed, the complexion unified.

Night after night, Supremÿa optimises the skin’s future:

Its genetic aging process is delayed, its DNA is protected.

Wrinkles are visibly filled in.

The epidermis restructured, more youthful-looking.

Dermis thickness and texture are improved.

This serum delivers in terms of texture, pure botanical ingredients, delicious fragrances, and unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Supremya goes on like a silky serum, instantly absorbed, and leaves your skin feeling beautifully pampered. Non greasy, non occlusive yet nourishing enough. ( I use this alone, sans night cream, yet the softness & smoothness is remarkable even after my morning cleansing regime )Unlike the myriad of rich super creams, this product is extremely light & wearable for all skin types. It can be should be applied to the face, neck and decollete.

I had been using this miracle nocturnal treatment for about 4 weeks now, and I am glad that those pennies were well spend. I would regard this as the ultimate all rounder / super  serum / youth elixir.

Tested & endorsed by LPB! If you could only afford 1 night cream, splurge of this.


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