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Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Online shopping – Zuneta

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Serious bargain hunter with exquisite taste for niche beauty products should check out.

Edward Bess, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Hourglass, Becca, Sjal……

TGIF, Zuneta is having a promotion at the moment, enter the code XMASZU, and you will get 10% off your purchases. ( until Sunday night, GMT )

The best part is – FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY for orders over £100 ( on top of VAT FREE ) ; Beauty junkies worldwide, celebrate! Brits,treat your friends & families living outside UK this Christmas; Shared the love & joy.

My fellow bloggers, get your credit card out & pamper yourself.

Honestly, Tax free shopping & free delivery ( conditions apply ) – It’s as good as Christmas comes twice.

PS: Zuneta’s customer service is excellent, prompt response & always helpful.


Inspiration 30

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Berry lips with fuschia nails.

Festive Style ( 1 )

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Red is never out of fashion, not when it’s Christmas……

This Alexander McQueen piece is so grandiose, it’s the perfect party flock.

Arm yourself with an equally glamourous cuff &  heels.

Use Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill shadow in metallic silver or gold & Bobbi Brown’s Jewel Red metallic finish lipstick.

Belle of the Ball ? Effortlessly. Not even Santa can beat you for the limelight.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Age Correction

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I told you I am addicted to luxurious preparations! EL Re-Nutriv line is like Chanel’s tweed jacket; Epitome for excellency.

An ultra-luxurious, all-powerful breakthrough line that both repairs and moisturises; for skin that looks dramatically younger, more lifted and energised.

Brilliantly combining proprietary, rare and precious ingredients with the most scientifically advanced technology, Estée Lauder introduces the ultimate skin-renewing breakthrough that lifts, firms and perfects skin’s appearance – Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Creme.

The secret lies in the extraordinary fusion of Estée Lauder’s exclusive Life Re Newing Molecules™, the most advanced lifting technologies, and precious Black Tourmaline. Together, they deliver a revolution in luxury skincare with the most dramatic age-correcting results ever.


Only Estée Lauder could blends its proud heritage of innovation with powerful new ingredients to bring you a breakthrough of this magnitude. Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting creme revitalizes skin so it looks more vividly alive, more youthful, dramatically more lifted.


Inspired by the field of epigenetics, Estée Lauder Research further advances its decades of scientific expertise and innovation with new, exclusive Life Re Newing Molecules™, helping to repair, recharge and restore skin. Addressing three vital aspects of skin performance – repairing skin’s natural ability to sustain energy, recharging skin’s energy to optimize natural skin cell performance and restoring skin’s youthful look.

Repair with Phormidium Persicinum – Also known as “Rock of Life” algae, it has survived and thrived for over 3 billion years and its precious fossils are found in Shark Bay Australia, South Africa’s Umbilo River and in the Red Sea. Now, Estée Lauder Research has discovered a state-of-the-art, sustainable way to cultivate this extraordinary algae and harness its astonishing repair and protective benefits to support skin’s energy and functioning.

Recharge with EGT – This amino acid, a supercharged anti-oxidant, is one of the building blocks of life. It recharges skin’s energy, helping skin build its natural reserves of vitality and protection.

Restore with Laminaria Digitata Extract – Also known as Silketare, this extract is created through a patented process and comes from an incomparable sea plant that can only be harvested a few months a year. Estée Lauder Scientists discovered that Silketare helps boost SIRT-3, a “ longevity gene ” which plays a vital role in skin cell’s mitochondrial function . When skin cells function optimally, they help skin to restore its own natural ability to produce youthful energy and encourage skin’s optimal performance for a more youthful look.


In addition to the exclusive Life Re Newing Molecules™, Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting creme introduces advanced lifting technologies and ingredients that work in synergy to create a holistic approach to lifting on every level – cellular, surface and manual. Cell function is re-energized and skin is elevated to peak performance, realizing its full potential for ageless beauty.

Cellular Lift : Over time, this powerful, all-in-one anti-aging and moisturizing creme works within skin to help support its natural activation of cellular attachment and connectivity for a more lifted, toned and firmed look. This is achieved through a blend of energy boosters, such as Black Tourmaline, a charged mineral found deep within Brazilian mines known for its energetic properties. This energy boosting blend helps support skin’s natural production of new collagen, resulting in skin that looks visibly firmer, with the volume, cushion, fullness and density of its younger years.

Surface Lift : Immediately, skin feels tighter and looks more lifted and radiant. South Sea Pearls create an immediate lustrous radiance for a youthful appearance, while rich hydrators such as Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose create an immediate plumpness and suppleness.

Manual Lift : Estée Lauder’s proprietary ultimate energy lift massage is a massage technique developed to enhance the benefits of Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting creme by working to increase circulation, stimulate facial muscles and energize skin’s appearance. Skin is instantly brought back to more radiant life.

If you ask me about this new & improved Re-Nutriv Age Correction line, I will tell you that it’s as good as Sisley’s Supremya. I am currently using the ULAC creme daytime. I am not going to elaborate on its aroma, texture & finish – just be reassured that this creme  achieved the bench marks of what an extravagant cream is expected to be.

Baby soft & smooth skin? checked

Plumped & brilliant complexion? checked

Firm & toned skin? checked

Outrageously expensive? Yeah ( but not as pricey as Supremya ), just max this one out on your credit card.

Rejuvenating cream that works within 2 weeks – Priceless!