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Sisley Ecological Compound Day & Night

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Revitalising, moisturising and balancing treatment for all skin types.

Ecological Compound is formulated with a synergistic complex of plant extracts selected for their stimulating and revitalising action.

Moisturises the skin and restores comfort and radiance.

Helps skin fight environmental stress.

Promotes toned, supple skin.

Prepares skin to receive the benefits of other products.

Active ingredients: centella asiatica, ginseng, hops, horsetail and rosemary.

Ecological compound protects your skin from environmental factors: pollution, stress, wind ……

It’s said to boost the performance of any cream you lay on top of it.

This light to medium weight lotion had been surpassed by Sisley’s newer creation. It has a very therapeutic herbal aroma, and I am afraid the benefits stop there. Although non greasy & non occlusive, I think this can be too heavy for combination skin. It does leave skin soft & moisturised, but so as most decent moisturisers that probably cost half the price. Furthermore, other than petrol, this might be the most expensive mineral oil ( Yes, Ecological compound contains significant amount of mineral oil )

I don’t mind using this when it comes as a GWP but  will not purchase this myself, simply because there are better choices, greener product.


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