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$isley, $isleya & $upremya

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For the past 2-3 weeks, I had been using $isley’s products religiously ( rather unusual for a beauty junkie like moi ), and looking forward for my next $isley Facial.

Famous/notoriously expensive French brand Sisley was pioneered by Hubert d’Ornano in 1976, when using botanicals in beauty was a major breakthrough. As one of the pioneers of phytocosmetology, he knew a few things about using plant extract to make skin look fabulous. Combine that knowledge & limitless scientific research budget, some pretty powerful (and posh) potions were born.


Sisley practically redefines phytocosmetology ( the use of natural plant extracts in beauty products ).

Sisley is dedicated to plucking the best of the botanical bunch for their formulas. After studying the benefits of a plant’s key active ingredients, each is scrupulously selected: the geographic origin, time of harvest, part of the plant used and ideal dosage are all taken into account. And with all that grade-A greenery, you’ll look downright gorgeous.


Another key feature in Sisley products, essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts obtained through distillation. They are non-greasy, volatile substances, with scents that are specific to each plant. Sisley only uses essential oils of the utmost quality – the very quality selected by aromatherapy doctors and pharmaceutical laboratories for its high degree of purity. This is how Sisley obtains maximum effectiveness and skin tolerance for its products.

While every essential oil has its specific function, all essential oils share the following 5 actions:

• They are very quickly absorbed into the skin, carrying with them all the other active ingredients contained in the formula into the skin tissue.

• They help stimulate surface microcirculation, promoting cellular regeneration and oxygenation.

• They have germicidal properties.

• They work through the olfactory system and diffuse through the body.

• They work like natural preservatives, allowing the considerably reduce the use of synthetic preservatives in a product.

At Sisley, new products consistently correspond to genuine scientific breakthroughs. A new product is only launched when it ensures higher performance than all existing products on the market, even if this calls for 10 years of research before it can finally see the light of day !

That explains why $isley is so $$$.

My first encounter with this exquisite brand was in 2001, the year I started working – Botanical Night Complex & Sisleya Global Anti Age were purchased with my first pay cheque. I didn’t see much significant results then, but the experience was very pleasant.

Almost 10 years later, I am currently rediscovering $isley & using :

Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging concentrate & Global Anti-Age cream in the morning

Sisleya Global Firming serum & Supremya at night

Phyto Blanc Toning lotion

and busy trying out generous samples of Sisleya Daily Line Reducer, Sisley All Day All Year, Hydra Global…….

This time round, I am very impressed ( yet depressed, moaning about my diminishing youth ).


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