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Sublimage or Supremya

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If you are going to get 1 serum as a Christmas gift to yourself, which one would you choose?

SUBLIMAGE Essential Revitalizing Concentrate – the integral first step in a new skincare regime of cell detoxification and regeneration.

This ground-breaking new concentrate is empowered by Golden Champa PFA*, derived from the legendary golden flower of the Himalayas, used in traditional Amchi medicine to help revitalize the body. Purified to its most potent essence, this natural ingredient frees cells of their toxins, restoring them to their purest, most vital, youthful state.

Detoxified and revitalized, skin is now reborn; its cells, fully receptive to the regenerating power of Planifolia PFA*, the star ingredient of the iconic SUBLIMAGE range.

La Nuit merges the comfort of a night cream with the concentration of a serum. It empowers the skin to gradually charge itself with active ingredients; Containing Phyto-complex LC12, a powerful synergy of 4 plant-based active ingredients – La Nuit extends the cells life span and enhances their quality of life; Leaving your skin tauter, sleeker and more radiant.

I am torn in between these two luxurious goodies……


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