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Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier

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Estee Lauder’s new moisture system, Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier is claimed to restore the skin’s weakened moisture barrier, boost, balance and maintain the skin’s optimum moisture levels. The skin is said to become stronger, more comfortable and continually hydrated with use of this hydrating “serum”.

It contains Estee Lauder’s exclusive new Bio-Mimetic water which revitalises skin, infusing it with intense, immediate moisture that lasts 24 hours.

Additionally, a new exclusive sustainable Moisture Complex™ strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier over time, and helps the skin retain and sustain its own internal moisture for exceptional long-lasting, youth-infusing hydration.

The Fortifier also features a highly-concentrated new Ceramide Activating Complex, touted to help skin boost its own natural production of ceramides – the essential building blocks of the barrier.

I love this light “serum” that feels cool & comforting upon application.  Hydrationist has a very faint oceanic aroma and practically sinks into my parched complexion instantly. It’s non greasy in texture, instead this fresh watery gel-lotion provides immediate hydration and leaves a healthy sheen on my skin, makes my face appears soft, nourished & plumped – you know, the effect you only get after a good 20 minutes of soaking under a  moisturising cloth mask.

I will not hesitate to recommend this rehydrating therapy for those that troubled by facial dryness & fine lines.  It’s meant to be used underneath your usual moisturiser, as a booster and I think it’s only available in Asian market.


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