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NARS Holiday 2010 Collection

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A rather small & uninteresting collection from NARS, I only like 2 products from this holiday collection, and to be honest, these are not even special shades.

Etrusque single eyeshadow – antique gold hue

Little Darling lipstick – classical nude beige with a sheer finish

See how disappointing / desperate I am ?


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  1. I’m disappointed too these days… I long for a new scent and all I seem to be coming across is garbage, both commercial and niche. I wish someone would come up and make a fragrane to suit my tastes… but as this is not going to happen anytime soon, I have ordered a set of samples from Il Profumo, Fifi Chacnil, Clive Christian, Tauer, and a couple of others. They’re due to arrive this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and I’ve also gifted myself a 100 ml bottle of Samsara. At least that is something that never lets me down.

    • Clive Christian? The legendary producer of the most expensive perfume in the world? Oh Jade, you’re really spoiling yourself then.

      • That insanely expensive version comes in a Bakara crystal container, that’s why it scores a completely absurd 15,000 euro a bottle. The ‘normal’ packaging (which is still glamorous enough) ‘only’ goes as high as 500-600 euro, which is still a lot, and most probably not entirely justified. That’s why I’v ordered samples first – I really don’t want to be throwing 500 euro out the window on an uninspired blind buy… I’ll keep you updated.

  2. You know me, I will go for the Eyeshadow Duo and the Nail Polishes..
    But well, not must-gets for sure..


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