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Foundation stick with SPF – not just any base stick with SPF; This is one by Invisible Zinc. You probably know how much I like Invisible Zinc, I simply prefer physical to chemical sunblock.

Here are some descriptions about Invisible Zinc Zinc Oxide sunscreen abstracted from its official site:


A physical (not chemical) barrier between you and the sun. Invisible Zinc® protects against surface UVB and deeper penetrating UVA.

Invisible Zinc® has only one blocking agent – Zinc Oxide – generally regarded as best and safest physical blocking agent.

Invisible Zinc® uses micro-fine Zinc Oxide which although invisible to the naked eye still provides outstanding broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. True broad spectrum – offers consistent broad spectrum protection against UV(B) and UV(A) rays.

Invisible Zinc® doesn’t break down in the sun unlike many chemical blocking agents.

Invisible Zinc®means natural sun protection without skin whitening. Zinc Oxide has a long history of safe use in skin care products and is currently a key ingredient in many baby creams, calamine lotions and skin salves.

INVISIBLE ZINC purchases Zinc Oxide that has an average particle size of 1 micron. This size range is known as micronised (not nano) and is 20 to 50 times larger than the size of typical nanoparticles used in some sunscreens.

I would not hesitate to recommend this line to my patients.


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