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Annick Goutal Petit Cherie

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A fruity-floral fragrance in which vanilla, peach, musk rose and freshly cut grass recall purity and boldness. Like a naive and determined woman-child who both stirs the senses and moves the heart.

Petite Chérie is the scent Annick Goutal bestowed on her daughter, as a gift. She described this fragrance as being “reminiscent of a young girl’s cheek that you want to lovingly kiss”.

Top Notes: Fresh Cut Grass & Peach.

Heart Notes: Musk Rose & Pear.

Base Notes: Velvet Vanilla.

A classic French film, also called Petite Cherie, tells the story of a middle aged woman experiencing love for the first time as she finds the man of her dreams.

Petite Cherie is sweet, airy, fresh & clean in a green and pink sort of way. It’s an innocent scent for fine young ladies. I would like the pear notes to be more intense.

Despite using vanilla note as base, it’s neither sensual nor seductive; The dry down is a rather pleasant / decent rose with lingering fruitiness.

It’s very ” politically correct ” – like sparkling fruit punch for proms. Definitely a good choice for your daughter / niece. Great for meeting the future in laws!


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  1. Is it just me or is the entire Annick Goutal line kinda girly?….


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