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Would you spend £260 on each of these luxurious Sisley serum? 1 for lines & wrinkle reduction, 1 for radiance & clarity, 1 for firmness & density.

Have you tried Sisley’s notoriously expensive skincare products before?


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  1. I’ve only tried Sisley perfumes – completely overpriced, too, if you ask me. Eau du Soir was created for some Spanish countess, as far as I an recall, and I guess they have tried to keep their entire line very ‘blue-blooded’ (in terms of price tag) ever since. I was left unimpressed by both Eau du Soir and Soir de Lune, both of which evoke the image of a Cruella-like ice queen, a business woman with a credit card in one and a whip in the other hand. Maybe their skin care range is better…

    • The skincare products looks luxurious, feel superb, smell sophisticated & some do deliver results; whether they worth the price tag or not is another story; Customer service, on the other hand, is excellent when compared to most prestigious brand.


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