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Shu Uemura Holiday Collection 2010

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Make up porn for festival collection continues……

Lovely packaging, but too sweet for my taste though.


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  1. Avdertising is getting scarier and scarier these days, IMHO. This is what would happen if Chucky the killer doll and hello Kitty mated. OMG.
    I love the Venuses on the other post though… nothing like Renaissance to lift your spirits in an (unmistakably) postmodern world.
    Hope you are OK, David! I’m a bit busy these days with preparations… the flower design guy was supposed to meet us today, but guess what? his aunt died, and he postponed it for Friday. Everyone keeps postponing stuff, it’s SO annoying. Not like you would pay your butt off for a wedding trying to have the best of the best, you’re also stuck with sh***y customer service… Oh well. I’ll get back to my pink cave now and rant in solitude :-))))

    • Haha, I like the idea of hybrid between Hello kitty & Chucky, well observed.
      Well, for the sake of art……
      I guess Shu Uemura is trying to reap the success of MAC’s Hello Kitty collection.
      I am good Jade.
      Sorry to hear that some of your plan is not going as smooth.


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