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Cussons Imperial Leather Soap

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The distinctive fragrance of Imperial Leather goes all the way back to 1768, when a Russian Nobleman. Count Orlov had a new perfume created by Bayleys of Bond St London, and on his return to Russia presented the perfume to Catherine the Great The fragrance quickly became a favorite of the Russian Court. In the early 1900’s Cusson’s bought Bayleys of Bond Street, and chose to use this fragrance as a basis for a new soap-originally called “Imperiale Russian Leather”. Imperial Leather Soap not only has it own unique fragrance, but also the everlasting stamp that is inserted into each bar.

In 1942 due to World War II all soaps were rationed in Britain. Imperial Leather soap was therefore marketed as being the best choice because it lasted longer than other soaps. The following is an Extract from a World War II advertisement:

“Imperial Leather Toilet Soap is one of the few luxuries still available to the discriminating. Supplies are obviously limited, but if only because Imperial Leather lasts longer and increases the purchasing power of your coupons, you should buy it wherever and whenever you can.”

This sturdy bar is a hard working, grease & dirt buster that deserves its classic, cult status. Imperial leather soap original has an appealing fragrance, foams densely & lasts for ages; It will not melt despite high humidity & warmth.

This soap cleans really well, I loves lathering it all over my body during shower for an impeccably fresh sensation. It’s also great for laundering my flannel cloth – instant de-greasing  & purifying.


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