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Balm Balm Cleansing Regime

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For the ultimate baby soft skin! If you’ve been dreaming of flawless, cream & peaches complexion and prefer an organic, green solution, Balm Balm is the answer.

I am very impressed with this range as I bought the super light coconut cleanser, hibiscus face mask & muslin cloths recently.


Made from fractionated coconut oil which is mechanically extracted from virgin coconut butter without the use of chemicals, resulting in an incredibly light oil which is easily removed with water. So gentle that it can be used even for removing eye make up yet when used with a damp muslin cloth will deep cleanse your skin.


Just add water to this fragrant powder to create an absorbent paste which gently draws out impurities from the skin as it dries. A wonderfully gentle yet effective combination of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil makes the perfect face mask to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

The cleanser is an ultimately light liquid oil that is almost fragrance free, feels weightless & glides onto skin like silk. Its superb texture makes it great for loosening makeup /sunblock /debris and massaging. Upon rinsing with warmth water ( and muslin cloth ), the delicate coconut aroma arise, enveloping your in a gourmet paradise.

This fine light oil emulsifies easily, while the muslin cloth polishes your skin; It will leaves a slightly greasy residue behind, but my skin was so soft & supple, it feels like I just had a hot paraffin wax facial. I thus follow this with the hibiscus face mask, which is a fine powdery paste.

I apply the paste ( dry powder ) immediately to my still damped face, massage further; then leave the paste on my skin to dry off. The mask is very absorbent in nature and its finely grounded granules provides a gentle yet effective exfoliating action. I then rinse of the mask while I had finished my shower.

Voila! My face is clean, bright, soft & supple. In fact, after starting this regime for about 1 week, I noticed that my face is in its prime condition again; It looks youthful & flawless. Believe me, I checked this under harsh, unforgiving salon light and I was really impressed with my bare complexion.

The 100 ml coconut oil costs about 13 GBP ( So, it’s about the same as NARS / Bobbi Brown cleansing oil ) and the humble hibiscus mask 40g is merely 8 GBP.

LPB highly recommended this facial range for baby soft skin, especially if you prefer a gentle cleansing regime without those harsh, nasty & dangerous chemicals. It has been a long time since LPB is that impressed by a simple, affordable, effective regime.

Coconut plant illustration by Glenford John.


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