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LPB August 2010 Favourites

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I am currently enjoy using Spiezia Organics facial cleanser, a handmade cleansing cream that contains a unique blend of herbs and oils that have decongesting and soothing properties.

To protect my skin from the harsh sun rays, I armed myself with Invisible Zinc tinted daywear. Laura Mercier mineral foundation primer is a must in summer, it keeps skin matte and smooth despite the humidity & heat.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate is a botanical version ( or a poor man choice ) of Guerlain’s midnight secret, in my opinion.

Nude smoothing body refiner should be the body product of the year, I had bulk purchased this after trying it. It’s a cellulite fighting product that works! I swear by its effectiveness, so far, I had only used it about once a day, for less than 2 weeks, but I had managed to slip into my skinny jeans again.

For a wash of colour, I am using Chanel pink teaser lipgloss, NARS daphne, rajasthan & tzarine eyeshadow, NARS douceur blush. Pink Teaser is a candy pink that instantly brightens up my lips while Douceur adds an incredibly healthy flush to my cheeks. Rajasthan & Tzarine, well, these fabulous hues define & add sparkles to my eyes.

NARS bronzer brush is probably the best powder brush ever made, it’s so versatile & I am so dependent on it to give me the best blending / finishing. Chanel’s inimitable intense mascara never fails to add a lovely sheen to my lashes.

I am hooked on Moroccanoil range, its glimmer shine spray is a life saver when humidity & frizziness strike. Despite the rather overpowering fragrance, glimmer shine spray tames & illuminates my maine like magic.

Guerlain’s Shalimar & Chanel’s No. 5 are my current favourites. I like to wear classy perfumes on a hot breezy summer day. I am notorious for my eccentricity when it comes to scent. I even used  Chanel No. 5 eau premiere to freshen my room & laundry! I am also busy experimenting with Chanel’s Bleu.


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  1. Chanel No.5 is my allll time favourite!!
    Whenever I have no inspiration (always happens), I pick it up and spray a couple of times!!

    Just received NARS Douceur, Rajasthan & Tzarine..
    Can’t wait to explore them =)

    • You will love douceur, the best natural flush I had ever had ( Guess it will work well for you as well since our skin tone is almost identical )

      Tzarine & Rajasthan are phenomenal.
      What’s …… mean? Did you buy more from this collection?
      We had the same items so far, I also has Daphne & Strawberry field.

      • Once I swatched it, I know I will like Douceur!!
        Nope, I only got 3 items from this collection.
        Are Daphne & Strawberry Field must-haves?

      • You’ve got all the must have items, really. I would stock up on douceur.
        Daphne & Strawberry field are just my “have fun” colours. is currently having a promotion of 15% off, and you could claim VAT on top of that, have a look at it, they also carry Paul & Joe range.

  2. Thank you for the website!!
    You know all the great places to spend money at.. even by staying at home =)

    • Haha, I am notorious at shopping online & checking out all the discounts & promotions. I mean, who needs to buy stuff that’s not on offer? ( Okay, some exceptions apply, like Chanel & M.A.C seasonal makeup and Tom Ford’s. ). I even managed to get my NARS on a discounted price.

      • I have not tried Tom Ford’s products before..
        You are lucky, a lot of wonderful MU lines are available where you are..
        Guess what?
        I am planning a trip to the UK sometime next year..
        During Fall I guess..

      • Summer is a better time, sales……; clothings that you could actually wear in Singapore; Sunny bright days for photos.

  3. But I miss the cold weather!!
    Wouldn’t it be perfect if I can stay from summer to fall?

    • I could understand that, since you’re living in tropical Singapore now.

      You could, if you enrol in a course, like LSE summer course, guarantee you have to be in London for 12 weeks or more, not sure whether you want to be a student again though.


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