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Shanghai Red

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Wear a simple little black dress with dashes of red & gold, simply exotic and mesmerising; like a trip on the E&O train, Shanghai in its 30s……

Keep your complexion flawless with a sheer wash of luminous foundation; Groom your perfectly arched brows in dark ( not harsh ) colour; Wear an ultra black mascara; Sculpt your lips in meticulously matte red.


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  1. Love love love the outfit! Absolutely stunning!

  2. I love it when you do posts like this, I can visualise.. erm.. more like imagine myself in those dresses and shoes with those beautiful earrings and bags!!

    • Thank you. You could let me know what style you want and I will see whether I could try to find something to suit your request. I love the creative process of styling & matching things together.

      • I am not a very stylist person, lol. I love seeing your inspirations because they make my mind go wondering about before coming back to reality. Reality = I can’t fit into most designer’s dresses, am too short and fat!!

      • You ‘re just perfect for your frame. Remember, we are not caucasians, and we should focus on & be proud of our distinctive oriental features. To be honest, we are kind of petite when it comes to weight issues. You probably have to wear size S if not XS if you shops in UK.

        Okay, we are no models, so forget about those slender elongated legs, wear heels instead.

  3. I am actually slightly bigger for my height =(
    Standing at merely 160cm, I should weigh below 50kg, right?
    Having a pear shaped body just doesn’t help when it comes to fashion..
    I remember having the hardest time finding the right pair of jeans cos my bum can’t fit..

    • Pear shape is the normal & ideal contour for most ladies ( biologically & from health science point of view ).

      Joey, google ” nude smoothing body refiner “. I think this product will help if your bum is bothering you. I use it on my lower abdomen & thighs, it works for me!

      • You made me feel better =)
        Am checking out the product you mention, hopefully it will work on my super irritation bum and thights..
        Thank you so much for sharing!!

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