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Shalimar by Jade Jagger

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Guerlain’s most successful fragrances since its creation in 1925; To celebrate its 85th anniversary, the bottle is now getting a new makeover with the help of designer and socialite Jade Jagger.

Jade Jagger takes a more minimalist approach with her limited edition bottle – of which only 182 copies will be made. This limited edition bottle will be available exclusively at Harrods from September 1st.

PS: Jade ( from JP, not Jagger ), maybe this LE bottle will keep you on the bright side of perfume kingdom. You totally deserve this.

Tres chic, sophistique &  exclusif ! Mademoiselle.


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  1. Oh yea, that sounds like something I might grwo addicted to! You know, I’m so disappointed lately… as a Gemini I dind it very hard to stick to just 3-4 bottles of scents I truly love (Opium, Shalimar, Tobacoo Vanille, etc) , I just need to have alternatives around all the time. Some days I even wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs, go figure… but lately I find myself so disappointed with most commercial releases. And blind-buying niche is not always up my alley either – most niche scents are kinda overrated, if you ask me. Kilian for instance is clearly not worth what they charge for a bottle… Then there is stuff like Lorenzo Villoresi, Serge Lutens, Tom Ford Private Blend, or Ormond Jayne – just awesome. Maybe I should consider only ordering from these guys and completely forget about department stores altogether. Sigh.


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