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Estee Lauder Triple Creme

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A 10-minute, super-hydrating mask that boosts skin’s moisture level and leaves it feeling fresh and revitalised.

With the Triple Creme Skin Rehydrator tired skin feels energised and refreshed. Skin is continuously moisturised throughout the day.

A triple-emulsion system attracts and binds natural moisture to the skin.This unique, super-hydrating mask has an exclusive triple lipid system that actually supplies and binds moisture to the skin.

Laboratory tests show a 70% increase in skins water content just 15 minutes after

Triple Crème Skin Rehydrator is applied. As long as 24 hours after use, skin remains soft and supple. Revitalises skin making it feel refreshed, revived and healthier.

Skin is noticeably smoother, softer and silkier. Tired skin feels refreshed and energised. Skin is continuously moisturised throughout the day.

This instant skin rehydrator has been around since the late 80’s. There’s a reason why it’s still on the market – It works!

Peach coloured and nicely scented, I leave it to do its work for ten minutes or so, and then tissue off – don’t wash, as what’s left on will continue to moisturise all day (or night).

My Retin-A treated skin is calmed, lubricated & replenished instead of the usual parched, reddened & flaky appearance. It’s convenient to use – I just slapped a reasonable layer on & let  my thirsty skin drink up all the goodness.

I even find this a great lips mask, it softens fine lines & plumps up lips like miracle.

My face is cream soft & peachy firm the next morning, thanks to EL Triple Creme.


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