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Prada Infusion de Tubereuse

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An unexpected mix of tuberose from India, petitgrain bigarade, blood orange from Italy, and luxurious dynamone combine to create Infusion de Tubereuse—a delicate impression of this traditional scent.

A playful tuberose mosaic inspired by an archive Prada print adorns the outer packaging, its charming naivety a reminder of the playfulness within. Instead of green, the leaves appear to have been dipped in a degrade mauve ink.

Tuberose from India: Tuberose is a symbol for creation – intoxicating and penetrating. In Infusion de Tubéreuse, the flowers are delicate and young, like morning buds not yet touched by the sun.

Petitgrain Bigarade: Made from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, petitgrain bigarade is reminiscent of fresh green leaves after the rain.

Blood Orange from Italy: Juicy citrus notes of blood orange from Italy are blended with precision to give a sparkling freshness to the tuberose.

Dynamone: A rare and luxurious ingredient in perfumery, dynamone brings sensuality to Infusion de Tubéreuse. Its woody notes bring the citrus and floral notes into harmony, enabling this fantasy infusion.

The creator of the fragrance perfumer Daniela Andrier said that “Infusion de Tubéreuse uses the fresh green buds of tuberose, rather than the very sweet lactonique mature petals,”

Andrier said that “The idea of Infusion is almost as an imprint of the chosen material in water, a kind of watercolor fragrance reworked with colorful pastel crayon.”

I adore Fracas Tuberose – the heady, sweet & sexy sillage is beyond description. Whereas Prada version is …… well, I choked and felt nauseated when I tried this in store.


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  1. Well, Prada ought to have stopped at the original Prada Prada and Prada pour Homme. Whatever they did afterwards was just crap. Now I see they went for an art nouveau-ish style in bottle design… oh heavens. I presume it doesn’t match the juice at all. Another department store lull-me-to-the-eternal-sleep-of-boredom scent. You should thank the heavens that you haven’t sniffed Ange ou Demon Fleur d’Oranger and Very Irresistible Rose Centifolia. What a summer, David, what a summer… Vlad has just ordered Mikaleff’s Note Vanillee for me on Luckyscent. That one should do it in terms of fragrant orgasm. I wonder if it reaches up to the heights of Tobacco Vanille…


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