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Dior Fall 2010 Collection

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Joey, you may want to try this out, since you had great success with Dior’s palette.

I came across this demo from

Dior’s Pink Design palette ( 808 ) – creates such a sultry style.

Dior’s Misty Mauve Palette ( 844 ) – this limited edition piece could be worn lightly for a perfectly polished look.

Smudge & smoke Dior’s 085 Eyeshadow Duo over 844 for ultimate femme-fatale finish.


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  1. Thanks David.
    The makeup is really beautiful and the girls are very pretty as well.
    Misty Mauve is such a gorgeous palette.

    Would you go for Dior’s Misty Mauve or Chanel’s Enigma?

  2. Team Chanel, too, here 😉 For precisely the same reason. Dior is just a bit too much of the strident drama queen for me sometimes. These shades, though, look cool. I would see Joey in Pink Design.

  3. Aw, both of u are with Chanel!!
    I am 50/50 this round.
    Either one or the other cos they look so similar.
    Would have to see when I meet them face to face =)

    Thank you David and Jade for sharing your thoughts!!
    Really appreciate them.


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