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Paul & Joe Fall 2010 Collection

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I loves Paul & Joe cosmetics; amazing textures, outstanding hues and very collectible packaging.

However these cat’s head lipstick are just freaky & weird. Wearable shades, but the shape of it is ……, I am speechless.

I mean who’s gonna pull this out and apply it in public, without scaring anyone around ? And the shape of it is just so un-ergonomic.

What’s next ? A penile glans lipstick ?


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  1. I wonder how you can apply that stuff… those pointed ears might be all over your nose and teeth in the process. Oh well. It’s postmodernity – it’s not supposed to make sense or be practical. Art for art’s sake. I’m not a fan of such outrageous everything-goes concepts either… Then again, I can imagine a lotttttt of style-less and equally brainless Hello Kitty bubble gum princesses dying to get one of these. And, by the way, I am afraid of even thinking how far this might go. Well, as long as they don’t have any Angela Merkel shaped ones, I guess we are still on the safe side.


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