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Fashion Style Summer 2010 ( 6 )

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Oh, Summer Wedding ( Obviously someone else, not yours ), don’t you hate it?

Now you can get your revenge, upstage the bride and steal her lime light with these white numbers and innocent paints. ( Just kidding, about the vengeance, not the style )

Simply swipe NARS Multiples Bronzer in a shade that compliments your skin tone across your cheek, including the bridge of nose to mimic a sun kissed glow, then make your cheek apples pop with a sheer wash of NARS Angelika.

Accessorise your decollete with Oscar de la Renta gold plated floral necklace.

Lanvin blanche’s cream cotton T-shirt with bold shoulder and tiered sleeves make this the perfect piece for a wedding function. ( May not be politically correct, but who cares ? Style comes first )

Seduce those gorgeous guy in suits with your tanned legs in Oscar de la Renta’s white denim shorts with silver and white fringed trim.

Sashay in Michael Kors white leather sandals with a silver-tone and Perspex heel.

Keep your lips simple yet kissable with Chanel Glossimer in Pink Teaser; you can’t be too high maintenance if you plan to smooch the best men or any handsome guy that fell under your charm.


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  1. Oh Allah, I wish people would show up dressed this way at our weddings! You don’t want to begin imagining what the standard Romanian wedding outfit looks like. Let’s just say it comes dangerously close to a monstrous crossbreed between Dolly Parton, Daisy Duke, Cher, Paula Abdul and Heidi Montag on a really bad day. [sigh] I love love love those Chanel shades… and the sandals are gorgeous. The only problem would be that in our country it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone but the bride to wear white during the ceremony. The old hags always present at such events are capable of (literally) slitting your throat over it. We’re not exactly a politically correct country, I know :-))))

    • Okay, I will try to post a black outfit for wedding then ( not yours ) and by the way, the sandals are from, they ship internationally.


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