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Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

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Repeat after me –  purple, plum or perish !

Chanel Fall 2010 collection, you could see that purple hues are in abundance.

Enigma eyeshadow palette & Paradoxal nail polish are too fabulous to be missed.


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  1. The start of your post made me laugh.
    I actually repeated after you!! LOL.
    Okay, looks like both of us are on the same boat for Chanel’s Fall Collection.
    Any idea if they are limited?

    • I am not sure about this at this stage but i think the les vernis might be

      • I suspect that too cos Chanel always does this with their nail varnishes. Apparently, 505 Particuliere is back by demand and it’s added to Chanel’s permanent collection.

  2. Repeat after me: boring, boring, boring. ALL of my friends wear purple all f***ing year around. I’m already allergic to it. Romania is one purple playdoh palace. The only purple things I’m not renouncing are OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark and my LV Sunset Boulevard in amaranth. But that’s where things stop for me.


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