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Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser

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Wake up your skin with this lightweight cleansing balm.

This quick and easy rinse-off cleansing balm, no muslin cloth needed, is the perfect addition to the legendary Eve Lom Cleanser. Inspired by the original, the Morning Time Cleanser has been created as a daily essential, for those who already love the original !

A daily essential, formulated with Eve Lom’s signature blend of Aromatic Hops, Eucalyptus, Egyptian Chamomile and Clove Oil to decongest, soothe & help skin look and feel soft, youthful and radiant. Furthermore, Morning Time Cleanser also has Papaya Fruit Enzyme to exfoliates the skin and minimises the appearance of pores; Carrot Oil to help stimulates collagen production.

I am an Eve Lom convert when it comes to cleansing. I always have the original cleanser in 200ml tub; so imagine my excitement when this version is launched.

I love the medicinal, almost astringent aroma. Eve Lom MTC is creamier, less gritty & less waxy than the original version. It comes in a handy tube ( due to the design of the cap, beware that there will always be about 1cm extra cream dispensed when you re-cap ).

I apply this as directed, utilising Eve Lom trademark massaging technique, left it on for 2 minutes and then emulsify & rinse it off under rather warm shower. MTC is more spreadable, feels more buttery soft, smells even more clinical & rinses off more readily than the original version.

I do notice that I tend to use more in amount whenever I use MTC as compared to the original. I had not tried to use MTC to remove make up ( I don’t like the idea of grease & debris lingering on my skin for 2 minutes ).

In summary, a great morning cleanser, more convenient to use in the morning under shower without the need of muslin cloth & soaking method. However, I will still turn to the original version for night time use, when serious purifying, exfoliation & pampering is crucial to conclude my day.

Now, could I have the 250 ml version of this MTC ? 125 is not enough !


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