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Blue Fever

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While I could handle my patients yellow fever, I couldn’t handle my own blue fever.

The ceramic J12 with sapphire is just so ME !

And  my mid year handbag treat should be …… PSP ? Alexa ? Muse ?

Do I need McQueen splashed art denim ? I think it will go on well with my McQueen gladiator sandals.

Lanvin ballerina flats looks so cool & comfy, McQueen skull ring is a must have ……

Okay, maybe I need a bigger pay cheque, NOW.


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  1. Dearest David, hope all is well with you. Just dropping by for a (perfumed) hug! Out of everything you listed here, I’d say the watch is the ultimate perfect match for you. And that navy bag too. Somehow I can’t help thinking that navy is one of the best shades for you.
    Update: i got my piercing this Wednesday, put alcohol wipes on it as you suggested, everything is great, it healed perfectly, will be uploading pics Monday at the latest.

    • Hi Jade, good to hear from you again.
      I had 1 J12 already, so not sure whether to get another one.

      you take care and I can’t wait to see your tattoo next week.


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