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Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence

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This concentrated serum is a unique formulation of high performance active ingredients. The essence sets in motion a complete cycle of cell rejuvenation.

It is all about speed delivery using the latest technology – NuBo’s patent pending Cell Dynamic Technology works to turn the toxins in the skin into oxygen and water. This self-maintaining skin rejuvenation system focuses on both the causes as well as the visual external signs of ageing – fatigue, wrinkles, slack tone and dry texture.

NuBo increases cell vitality with natural cyto-chromophores, pro-vitamin C and a Brown Algae complex; Peptides boost collagen and manganese salt converts free radicals into energising oxygen.

Skin is immediately lifted, firmed and plumped;

Helps reduce wrinkle depth and slackening;

Assists skin repair, healing and regeneration;

Ideal for all skin types

A top anti-ageing investment, Cell Dynamic The Essence is a potent serum that helps to boost skin immunity, triggers a cycle of cell rejuvenation and accelerates the active benefits of the full Cell Dynamic range.

Highly concentrated, just a few drops of Cell Dynamic serum daily will boost cell repair, visibly reducing lines and wrinkles over time.

Cleanly-formulated and completely free of Parabens, SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a harsh detergent ), irritating Petro-chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances.

This is the most extravagant skin care item I had ever indulged myself in, so far. It comes with a hefty price tag of 200GBP.

The Essence is actually extremely runny in texture and can be easily dispensed from the pump container. It doesn’t has much of an aroma, feels fresh & slurped up by my skin almost instantaneously upon application. It’s non sticky and leaves no oily residue behind; it’s almost a now you feel it, now you don’t sensation.

Has this ridiculously priced serum changed my skin radically ? Hardly, but my skin managed to stay healthy, plumped & vibrant despite being subjected to less than 5 hours sleep every night lately.

It neither vanish fine lines; iron out wrinkles / crow feet nor lift any sagging tissue. ( Based on 2 weeks of consecutive nocturnal regime )

Will I spend 200 GBP again on Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence ? Yes, as It does boost the efficacy & efficiency of my skin care regime.

Under normal circumstances, my skin tends to get congested & start breaking out, become lifeless & turn sallow whenever I am stressed out & sleep deprived. This serum had managed to salvage my complexion despite the ongoing lifestyle stresses.

I think The Essence is worth its weight as It keeps my skin well insulated, invigorated & revitalised.


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  1. A GBP200 serum is really expensive but of course, if it helps in any way – it’s worth spending, right? The most expensive serum I have gotten is The Regenerating Serum by La Mer.

    Try to sleep earlier and sleep more, perhaps the results will be much significant and visible?!

    • I think La Mer Regenerating serum is even more expensive, but then La Mer is La Mer.

      Joey, it’s always easier said then done; I known I shouldn’t stay up later till 2 am -ish but just can’t help it.

  2. Is this stuff better than Advanced Night Repair?
    I had La Mer and la Prairie, and honestly, I’m not that swept away. But I will always repurchase Perfectionist, Idealist and Advanced Night Repair. They just work wonders on my dry skin.

    • Nubo Essence helps to detoxify & regenerate waste metabolic by products ( ie free radicals ) into oxygen & water on the skin; it claims to revive the skin by preventing toxic build up, while EL ANR neutralise free radicals. Despite EL claims, I think ANR is also a great moisturiser / nourisher. I could get away without using any moisturiser after ANR but I always top up Nubo Essence with a moisturiser.

      Perfectionist helps with collagen preservation & regeneration, It also smoothes the surface of the skin, provides a veil of smoothness & optical perfection, it doesn’t rehydrate or detoxify the skin.

      Idealist is all about resurfacing & refining, again not much moisturising capability; but great for oily to combination skin, or skin with pigmentation or scarring problems. It will not do anything to existing lines or wrinkles.

      La Mer on the other hand is quite nourishing & regenerating, but again, doesn’t detoxify the skin.

  3. I am all new to EL’s skincare products but have been using it for almost a month (I guess it takes longer to see some major diff). Am loving it so far. Whereas La Mer’s products, there are much more expensive, I find it super nourishing, too much for my skin atm so I have stopped.

    Not entirely sure if Nubo is available in Sg but if I find it, I will surely check it out.


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