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Is the rule less is more applicable when it comes to body art ?

I like colourful tattoo, but where should we draw the line and say enough is enough?

Chanel has some boring monochromatic skin art pieces ( Les Trompe-L’oeil de Chanel ) this year. I am hoping M.A.C would launch some crazy, vivid  & bold body tattoos / skin arts soon.


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  1. I visited a tattoo and piercing exhibition last weekend, so I have a couple of things to say here. I don’t like tattoos, and would never get one – simply because I am positive I’d grow tired of it in less than a month, and secondly because once you reach a certain age unless you’re Billy Idol, Hulk Hogan or Steven Tyler it will look ridiculous. Especially with women. That exhibition was crowded with rockers who looked more or less like the guy in your picture, minus the sensual lips and good hair ;-). Honestly, more than one tattoo is already a bit too much. And the slimmer and more elven-looking you are, the worse. I used to like how those thorn things around the ankle looked like, but they’re so completely last century they cannot even be seriously considered anymore. I didn’t get my piercing in the end, cause I’m still searching for a yellow gold and diamond one, which I cannot seem to be able to get. 😦 But… my Ormond Jayne’s are on their way. I finally settled for Tolu and Orris Noir, and am very excited to try them.


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