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Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia

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My obsession with blue continues……

Pecheux’s new Pure Color Collection of eye shadows that features a wide selection of high-impact shades, complete with long-lasting pigments and fade-resistant formulas. Four dynamic finishes : matte, satin, luminous and metallic.

“Make-up is not a tattoo,” Pecheux underlines. “If you make a mistake, you can just take it off. It should be playful, and women shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

“So if the eye palette in Blue Dahlia is too intimidating, try just a blue mascara, or a blue eyeliner. The point is not to change your entire make-up from one day to another; it’s to update it. So keep most of what you have, but add a little blue in somewhere. It’s a suggestion, not an order.”

Pity I have to wait till Fall 2010 before I could get my hands on EL Blue Dahlia.


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  1. I am completely against blue mascara. It always looks cheap and red light district-ish to me. Blue nail polish OK, blue shadow, even better, but mascara – no thanks. Those shades look good… and paired with fuchsia lips, hmm, might actually work pretty well.

    • Really? I haven’t tried blue mascara before, and if I do, I will try the darkest navy blue.

      • Navy, yes, completely different story.
        I was thinking of that electric kind of blue… a couple of years ago it was immensely popular in Romania and every 5 dollar an hour strip joint kitty wore it. I’ve been sort of traumatized ever since :-)))

  2. This new palette of Estee Lauder is a real beauty.
    I am liking the shades of blue in it.
    Yes, we should all be a little “playful” with our daily makeup routine IF time permits. Sometimes, I want to do so much but I only have that little time to get ready.
    So, blue eyeliner or mascara would be nice.


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