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Battle of The Foundations ( 1 )

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Which of these long lastings, transfer proof, wear resistant, tenacious yet breathable foundations will get the ultimate seal of approval by LPB?

Clinique Acne Solution /Anti-Blemish Solution – contains salicylic acid to rid pimples, also claims to soothe redness & calm the skin, fragrance free, dermatologist tested; very clinical sounding.

Unfortunately, it’s not really oil controlling, definitely not transfer proof, medium coverage, needs setting with loose powder for an ultimate matte finish, average blendability, poor shades selection & will cakes, clogs & creases. The average wear time before it breaks down to slicks is about 4 hours.

NARS Sheer Matte – armed with complexion brightening formula, promises to control oil & shine, with buildable coverage; This NARS newest foundation is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic & fragrance free, developed to improves skin brightness, radiance and texture.

Well, this NARS creation doesn’t comes with a pump dispenser, smell funky, feels rubbery upon application, enhances every single little flaw on my complexion, turns greasy and melts virtually within 2 hours after application.

Despite a great selection of colours ( the best amongst the contestants ), sheer yet buildable coverage and some skin enhancing formula, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Lancome Silky Mat – marketed as a refining, enduring  foundation that lasts up to 18 hours, with a breathable fresh texture & soft matte finish. The high-performance Colour Keeper™ Mineral Complex™ is composed of mineral pigments encapsulated within an adherent translucent film. These pigments are in perfect affinity with the skin: visible pores and imperfections are erased, without creating a mask-like effect; While Mineral Siliceum™ controls shine and regulates excess sebum.

This high water content foundation comes in a tube, has average shades selection, feels really cool & refreshing upon application. Silky Mat will not disappoint in terms of texture, blendability, coverage & finish.

I still prefer to set this with a layer of loose powder for a soft matte finish. The biggest problem I have with Lancome is the exaggerated durability of this liquid foundation. It merely last up to 8 hours ( set with powder ) or the best 6 hours ( without powder ) before it starts to smear & disappear on my skin. Also, it’s not oil controlling at all, and I had not noticed any refining effect of this on my pores.

To be continued……


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  1. I would say go for YSL. I have a Clinique, solely because I finally found a dark shade a week ago. Otherwise I am not particularly thrilled by it. I admit I am not an expert when it comes to foundation cause I almost never used any – but YSL make up is by far the best I’ve ever tried, well maybe Chanel comes close, but definitely ranks second. My sister uses Estee Lauder and is very pleased with it. So does her best friend – and they both look good. I have no idea about the longevity of that… skin in my family is very dry, so I couldn’t give a verdict on the oil control problem either.

    • I had tried all those foundation on my skin, and I guest we pretty much on the same page. Estee lauder Double Wear is close, but its coverage is too heavy for my liking

  2. Was gonna wait for you to finish this post before commenting but since I am already leaving “hundreds” of comments on this blog, I might as well…

    First, I will never ever try Clinique’s foundation. In fact, all products by Clinique. I suffered from acne, not knowing the best out there, I turned to Clinique and it made my skin a whole lot worst. From then, I can’t put myself to using this brand, not even if their products promises the world.

    Would love to try YSL and Lancome, waiting for your “ultimate seal of approval”.


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