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Chanel Orient Extreme

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I want Le Vernis Black Velvet, Illusion D’or and the Jet Gold ombre duo.

Black Velvet – deep, intense, velvety black. ( neither matte nor glossy )

Illusion D’Or – white lacquer with gold, purple and blue glitter.

The last time Chanel had similar eyeshadow palette was in 2001? I love the combination of shimmering gold & jet black.


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  1. Look the look on this model.
    Wish I can carry it off but nope, I can’t.

    • You could totally nail this look ( okay, maybe not the caterpillar brows ) ; but I think the golden hue and black feline liner will look great on you. You just need to use your creativity and play around this with other products you had. You had done well with Dior Crush Glow + Chanel Genial ( I suddenly realise that this combination is actually perfect for bridal look ! ). I am hoping to see your new & exciting style soon if you decided to get Chanel Jet Gold.

  2. I dun think I will be getting this palette BUT this look is worth a try!!

  3. I want all of them!!! This is so made for me…


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