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Blue Is The New Black

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Inspired by Jade’s dress ( ), I am in my blue phase at the moment; loving ultramarines, turquoise, navy, teal……

A subtle way to wear blue on your face is to use blue mascara , teal kohl pencil.

For the show stoppers, you should venture into the blue eyeshadows zone ( caution ; not for civilians, ie beginners ). Use a graduation of blue hues on your lids; dress your lashes in violet, finish your look with beige or coral for a neo 60’s  retro chic.

I loves Lunasol’s blue eye palette. Don’t forget your nails, paint them in this season IT  shade – Tiffany blue / Robin egg blue.

Guerlain, Kanebo, Kate & M.A.C. have palettes of lovely blue eyeshadow to suit every budget.

LPB officially declares blue is the new black this summer.

Couple these ultra cool shades with a stunning deep tan for a marvellous style ( again, check out Jade’s photo and you will appreciate what I am talking about )

What’s your favourite blue eyeshadows / nail varnish ?


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  1. I am so flattered [blush blush]…. thank you a million times! Coming from you, such appraisal doubles its value. Favorite blue… let me see now. I love this year’s Hong Kong collection blue from OPI (Suzi Says Feng Shui) and the India collection’s Yoga-tta Get This Blue – the latter is deep and dark and with purple and emerald undertones, though I have to say it works better on lighter skin tones, whereas Feng Shui is very good on tanned skin. I love the Chanel turquoise, unfortunately it hasn’t hit stores in Sibiu yet, but I’m still hoping. You would look gorgeous in blue! I can only think of those Choo sneakers – made for you! Navy is also your cup of tea to a 200%. Well, I’ve rambled enough. I’m off today trying to get a piercing :-))). Wish me luck. Many hugs your way! And thank you for this awesome blog. You’re the first one I visit every day.

    • Jade, no need to blush, you looked fantastic in your gown. All the best with your piercing, get some alcohol wipes to clean the wound daily for 5-7 days to reduce chances of infection, a toner with high alcohol content will do the job if you can’t get hold of alcohol wipes.


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