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Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier

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A daring new interpretation of beautiful eyes. Glamorous volume, bold length, voluptuous curl and dramatic styling !

A unique innovation by Yves Saint Laurent, the mascara brush combines the technology of a traditional brush with the structure of a moulded brush, to increase the performance of the formula: structured in an elliptic way, the multi-dimensional bristles ensure “Haute Couture” precision and dress the lashes evenly from root to tip. By coating the root of the lashes with mascara like a stroke of eyeliner, the brush creates a unique and intense new type of separation.

Volumizing micro-spheres thicken the lashes, with Pro-vitamin B5 to protect, nourish, and reinforce of the lashes’ structure. Like hair extensions, nylon micro-fibres extend the lashes. A high performance “curling wax” helps style the lashes for an ideal curve.

My favourite mascara of the moment. 2 coats for long, curly, glossed lashes, without clumps & brittles, 3 coats for dramatic falsies effect.

YSL Singulier mascara is nicely scented with rosy fragrance, comes in 4 shades, packaged with an exceptional brush.

It’s a great lengthening, sculpting, curling mascara but will not add much volume to thin, sparse lashes.

Here’s an interesting article by

This is a tale of two “golden girls”–one by the name of Faux Cils, the other, Singulier. I also like to call them Jennifer and Angelina, respectively. Faux Cils (Jennifer) was minding her business being fabulous and flaunting her perfectly sculpted bristles with the utmost voluminous drama–only in the professional way, of course–and that made everybody love her. She thought she’d be the first and the last best mascara for YSL (Brad) since she had a Triple-Film Complex: the first film for intensity, the second for curve, the third for long-lasting effectiveness. Apparently, Faux Cils’ trifecta didn’t keep YSL’s eye from wandering, and he thought that maybe, just maybe he could do even better.

But YSL (Brad) was greedy and curious, and so on a mascara shoot, he discovered a new lean golden tube–but this time with a dark emblem. And YSL (Brad) liked darkness! He found it very sexy! Her name: Singulier (Angelina). Oh, and she was singulier alright and ready to get her elliptical, multi-dimensional bristles around him for an ‘intense new type of separation.’ And that separation hit the cosmetic world by storm! She promised YSL to be everything that a mascara could be from root to tip–voluminous, lengthening, conditioning, and stylish. But anyone who’s familiar with Faux Cils and has checked out Singulier knows that the former is the better “everything” mascara.

Art work by Eoin Ryan


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  1. I’m gonna try this mascara… Looks great.


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