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My Interview by Jadepaloma

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I am extremely impressed with JP’s intuition. We did an interview and she said she will post some pictures on her blog together with the interview.

It’s a bit spooky when she posted the art deco style, grandiose interior photo & picture of hyacinth plant together with my interview. ( I am obsess with art deco and I love hyacinth )

By the way, JP has some extraordinary reviews and interpretations on perfumes. Have a read of her blog, maybe you could even challenge her to recommend you a suitable perfume, after briefly describing yourself. You can visit her at

( JP, if you’re reading this, I heard that Serge Lutens had just launched a new perfume based on the myth of hyacinth; Care to shine some light on that? )

Finally, a copy of my interview from JP’s blog:

He is pretty much as easy to describe and label as a Serge Lutens scent – that is, not at all, as exclusivist as a crossbreed between Kilian and Tom Ford, and as sparkling and enjoyable as all the aforementioned together. I wish I could wear the outfit combinations he creates, be as conversant with lipstick shades as he is, and one day meet him in person – cause you know what? Behind all the glam, glitz and gorgeousness, I have a slight feeling he might be the person with one of the biggest hearts that ever beat in this world. ( LPB: you’re so kind JP! )

He is His Majesty LPB ( londonprettyboy )and this is a brief glimpse into his marvelous universe:

1. You wake up in the morning in a room which is not your own. The floor is scattered with pages ripped out from a magazine, you only have half of your clothes on and your wrist watch is missing. What happened last night?

I don’t know ! Maybe I was invited to Vogue house and had too much fun; Anna Wintour must had borrowed my Chanel J12 for a photo shoot! Well, I don’t know why I am having half my clothes on, but I will help myself with some press samples available in the paradise on earth aka Vogue stock room.

2. Please redo a commercial for a perfume you really like according to your own vision, in 5-6 sentences.

There’s no commercial for Tuscan Leather ( Tom Ford Private Collection ); but I would like a sweaty Aaron Johnson wearing nothing but a leather trouser flirting with  glamoured up Demi Moore smoking cigars. She puffs over him before sniffing him, she then passed out in his arms.

3. Love or money?

Money, as I am too old to believe in love and so far has too little for my retirement!

4. The big bad wolf comes and blows down the facial moisturizer industry and only one jar is left. What brand is it?

Estee Lauder

5. The setting, time, season, partner for the perfect date?

Warm, breezy summer evening, cafe by the shore, some one who cares about me.

6. If God were an object, what would He be and why?

Fresh clean air, it’s essential!

7. My last thought before falling asleep last night was ……

Have I treated myself enough with my shopping spree?

8. I enjoy being a guy because…..

I dont have to deal with the monthly problem.

9. What is worse: Louis Vuitton having sales or Tom Ford bringing out an Eau Legere?

Tom Ford bringing out Eau Legere.

10. What should we expect from your blog in the future?

Nothing more, nothing less, it’s all about me anywhere.


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Beauty junkie, Style addict, Fashion victim, Shopaholic anonymous......

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  1. This interview was all my pleasure and privilege. You truly are fascinating, a very rare combination of intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic and artistic inclinations and, as I’ve said, a beautiful soul. Somehow shines through the best covering foundation, you know? 😉 Oh, and concerning Serge: definitely! I was so mad at him after the release of that Eau that I vowed not to sniff anything until he publicly apologizes for it :-)))) Obviously he didn’t, but in the meantime I’m over my worst rage too, so I’ll certainly give it a sniff and report back.


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