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Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum

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Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum is the 1st fundamental anti-aging treatment by Dior. It helps our skin to detox, by eliminating billions of molecular toxins which accumulate in the different layers of our skin as a result of external and internal aggressors, such as pollutions, stress, poor diet & unhealthy lifestyle.

7 billion toxins build up in the skin and weaken the skin’s ability to repair itself effectively daily. Without the elimination of these metabolic waste, skincare cannot be 100% effective & efficient. Dior’s One Essential eliminates toxins deep down so that your skin can intensely and lastingly correct all signs of aging.

This new super serum is formulated to be applied before your usual skincare, the lightweight and quick penetrating formula boosts the effectiveness of the following nourisher and prolong its benefits.

Overtime, skin regains its vitality, becomes more luminous, smoother and visibly younger-looking.

Dior utilizes their star ingredient, which forms the basis for the CAPTURE TOTALE technology, the extract from Longoza plant (from Madagascar). The patented Perle de Longoza, is enriched with a natural extract of Laminaria algae & Detoxynile, which is capable of activating the Proteasome. By activating the Proteasome, the cellular detoxification process is increased, thus more toxins are either eliminated or being converted into new healthy proteins.

15 years of research, 10 international patents, 21 active ingredients at 21 % concentration – will this One Essential serum improve my skin?

This serum comes in an elegant pump dispenser; It has the trademark relaxing, flowery aroma of Dior’s Capture Totale. This light texture gel is refreshingly cool & absorbed instantly upon application.

It’s totally grease free & leaves my skin refined and primed immediately.

One Essential Serum manages to keep my skin well nourished, firm & radiant. I also notice that It smoothes away fine lines and dehydration patches, makes laugh lines & early wrinkles less visible.

I am getting addicted to this multi-tasking repairing product.


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