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LPB’s Formula ( 1 )

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My trusted regime guaranteed  to help me look human again, especially during times of flu like illness.

1) washing face with an ultra foamy cleanser under warm shower –  finalise your cleansing by splashing and rinsing with cool water to boost circulation & eliminate puffiness

2) using Oskia Get Up & Glow & Eye Wonder as moisturiser and primer for face & eyes. The secret is staying lite & simple, don’t overload your skin.

3) putting Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat around eyes to conceal, highlight & perk up – Avoid rosy tone highlighter, the best results could be achieved with 2 shades of Touche Eclat; reserve the lighter shade over brow bone & inner corner of eyes, cover  dark circles with a shade that matches the rest of your skin tone.

4) dabbing Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick around tip of nose & nasal folds to conceal redness & flakiness. ( due to constant rubbing & tissue blotting )

5) applying NARS Orgasm Illuminator over cheek bones to mimic a healthy flush.

6) padding Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat compact powder all over – perfect base that revives fatigue skin and provides a dewy soft glow

7) finishing with a coat of Becca Sheer Tint Lipstick – my choice is Yasmina


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