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Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap

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A certified organic bar soap, for face and body, that is delight for the senses with ingredients that are 99% natural. Skin caring ingredients and natural oils leave skin fresh and delicately fragranced.

– Plant derived ingredients gently cleanse while preserving skin’s natural hydration.

– Natural oils ( Shea Butter & Hazelnut oils ) leave skin fresh and delicately fragranced.

– Formulated for use on face and body.

– Gently cleanses while maintaining a healthy pH balance.

– Dermatologist tested/For all skin types.

– Natural essential oils ( lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit and mandarin ) give soap a subtle and refreshing citrus scent.

First of all, Clarins beauty soap is a misnomer; There’s nothing gentle about this soap, It’s formulated with,  err, soap, despite the claim of 99% natural origin & 85% certified organic origin.

A soap is a soap!

Try washing your face with this thoroughly cleansing bar and accidentally let the bubbles get into your eyes. ( you will definitely appreciate what I am talking about after you had done this )

I admit that it does have a nice, subtle fragrance, foams superbly and rinses off effortlessly. However it tends to leave my skin feeling taut and dehydrated.

It has the potential of being a great body soap but I will not recommend this for facial use, unless you have very oily & tolerant skin ( and I thought mine is tough given years of Retin A therapy, microdermabrasions & peels ).

Clinique’s facial soap is much gentle & mild for facial use: It even appears delicate with its ivory/cream colour. An olive coloured bar doesn’t resemble anything soft and  soothing, in my opinion, It just looks its part – a detergent.


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