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I had too much self control and missed these wonderful products during a recent work trip; I could only longing for them now. I tried & tested them, just didn’t purchase them ( regrettably ).

1) Rouge CoCo Gardenia, Rouge CoCo Camellia, Rouge CoCo Teheran – I can’t believe I didn’t purchase these Chanel’s limited distribution lipsticks ! Gardenia & Camellia looks really nice & natural on my lips, while Teheran looks rather tacky & too orange ( Oh Lord, it is neon coral ) on my complexion.

2) Viktor & Rolf Antidote – the last bottle, 100ml, on 50 % discount, in airport duty free. An extreme vetyver number great for refreshing the room. The bottle itself makes it an excellent piece of room decorator.

3) Chanel’s Aqualumiere Gloss Bondi Beach – sheer golden rose gloss, exclusive edition by house of Chanel.

4) M.A.C Give Me Liberty of London Lipsticks – Blooming Lovely ( Greyed Lilac/Mauve ) & Peachstock ( Neutral Peach )

What was I thinking ? Should have just swipe my credit card !


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  1. That picture you used made me cry… That, together with Antidote, recalled my ex fiance. His name is Rolf. It’s an utterly impossible relationship… and still…


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