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JadePaloma had posted a similar article and I decided to do one myself;

Favorite book : Le Petit Prince

Favorite colour : Purple

Favorite women’s perfume : Bond 9 Bleecker Street

Favorite men’s perfume : Sweat mixed with Pheromones, with a faint tobacco stain & alcohol; otherwise I would settle with Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Favorite painting : Van Gogh’s almond blossom 1890

Favorite tree : Cherry Blossom

Favorite flower : Hyacinth

Favorite quotes : Consistency is the last refuge of the Unimaginative.

Favorite book turned into a movie : Breakfast at Tiffany

Favorite philosopher : Zhuang Zhi

Favorite poet : Byron

Favorite architect : Ieoh Ming Pei

Favorite food : Thai

Favorite country : France

Favorite gemstone : Diamond

Favorite clothing item on a guy : Crisp white shirt

Favorite spice : Garlic

Favorite room fragrance : Byredo Rose Noir

Favorite drink : Mojito

If I were an animal, I’d be a : Peacock

Favorite word : Fuck

And this is what I long for in life ! Power, Sex & Money


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Beauty junkie, Style addict, Fashion victim, Shopaholic anonymous......

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  1. This is by far the best post of the week! You’re something else, did anyone ever tell you that?
    Favorite word ‘fuck’ :-)))) Oh, yea. Count me in on that club membership, too, please.
    Power, sex, and money…. so basically power. I know the feeling. And crave it myself, quite often.
    Crisp white shirts on guys, drool drool drool.
    Purple, the color of the mental, of creativity, and of imagination. I would also associate it with you, LPB.
    Oscar Wilde… I won’t even go there. I worship the man.

    So glad you posted this. It tells more about someone than any About section could possibly accomplish. Rarely have I been as interested in someone as I am in you. Would love to know more.


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