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Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio

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Lively and vivacious, Ninfeo mio opens with a breathtaking vapor of Italian lemon and citron.

The bitter orange tree unveils its leaves (essence of petitgrain), and its fruits (essence of bitter orange). Gradually, the scene begins to unfurl. Galbanum extract and lentisque absolute deliver a sassy verdure full of life.

A faintly aromatic undertone places the scene in a landscape garden, in which conifers thrive alongside lavender, and then the warmth and milky softness of the fig leaf rises up, as if brought by a cool breeze to the nose.

The tempo slows down, and gently comes to rest on the skin. The woody accord of the lemon tree, just as milky as the fig, then knits a reassuring blanket, capurating the freshness of the citrus fruit in a downy cocoon.

Ninféo Mio was inspired by a garden – the Giardino di Ninfa (Ninfa garden) near Rome.

It’s  a very green & evanescent, from the beginning till the end. The opening is sharp green citrus, grassy & dry. There’s a fair amount of lavender in the early stages, and it adds an herbal cast to the scent, but it isn’t harsh or overwhelming; On my skin, the fig notes appears rather early, and it’s kind of herbaceous,acidic fig.

The dry down is citrusy green & wet woody.

It’s only slightly fruity despite the prominent fig notes.

If you like sharp, herbaceous, fresh fig with citrusy twist, Ninfeo Mio is a great choice.

The perfect EDT for spring & summer where one could wear this sparingly. It only lasts about 2 hours on my skin ( great excuse to recharge & spritz myself with this lovely green juice ).


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  1. This one kind of reminds me of Aqua di Parma Cologna Nobile. Though it might be way better. I can’t stand citrusy scents, but on you it might actually work…
    I’ll let you know when my Midnight Oud and Tolu arrive. 😉

    • AdP Cologna is plain citrus, in fact I call it a mind blowing lemon squash; It’s like a citrus burst, good for hot summer day. Very clean & fresh, but too politically correct & dull for any woman, especially sexy & sensual lady like yourself. Leave it to the butler, the lady of the mansion should wear something more classy & provocative.
      Ninfeo Mio is citrusy but has more fresh cut fig notes on me; It’s very green, while Cologna Nobile is palin yellow & orange.
      Cologna Nobile is different, it’s very sensual due to the powdery iris notes, not at all citrusy on my skin; It’s very woody & powdery,in my opinion.

      • It always strikes me how different stuff smells according to skin chemistry. If there’s even a remote trace of anything citrusy in a perfume, I immediately get it – and hate it. I get citrus from almost all AdP (Nobile included), and also Hermeses. I would love to sniff even a hint of dark chocolate in Elixir de Merveilles, but nada. Not even a trace. What I get instead is really annoying orange (I must be mentally set on that due to my sister’s watching those gruesome clips on YouTube all day long) ;-).
        By the by, thanks for the beautiful compliment… does me a world of good these days.

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