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I adore the wide range of shades available for darker skin tones from Iman Cosmetics.

I think most of the European cosmetics houses need to take coloured skin people into consideration ( seriously ) when launching their base make up line. Most of them are appalling when it comes to deeper tone, with one or two so called darker shades that turn ashy and the selection probably stops at mediterranean tones.

Bobbi Brown is good but could do better when it comes to shade selection for darker  ( I mean really dark ) complexion.

Darker skin tone has the inherent beauty that deserve complementing & enhancing ( with cosmetics ); And strong vivid shades really stand outs / pops when applied to darker skin.

Iman cosmetic has a great matching service online which matches your L’oreal, Revlon or MAC foundation shades to their own comparable tones. You will be spoilt by the wide range of deep shades available on most their foundation & powder.


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  1. Choukran! You are a genius. I shall look up what you recommended.


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