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Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15

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A comfortable, creamy, fluid foundation that even complexion throughout the day. SPF 15. Packaged in a rectangular frosted glass pump bottle with gold cap.

–  Staying power of 15 hours with a non-transfer formula with High Fidelity System. High Fidelity System : the latest in the marriage of active ingredients and scientific technology. A light, invisible microfilm formulated with silicones and 100% natural and environmentally-friendly white clay and rhassoul. It sets foundation on skin

– Non-oily, smooth texture that evens tone and enhances complexion.

– Unrivaled radiance, with Clarins exclusive Light-Optimizing Complex. This complex combines soft focus pigments and mother of pearl to capture, diffuse and magnify light, so that skin appears smooth as fine lines and imperfections are optically “erased”.

In 1 sentence – Double Wear, but better.

In 2 sentences – The perfect full coverage, long lasting foundation that still look natural. If you could find a good color match.

Simply everlasting, 15 hours of impeccable coverage and total comfort thanks to a non-oily, melting, smoothing texture which evens tone and enhances the complexion. For a flawless complexion under any circumstances.

Matte finish. Full coverage. For all skin types.

I have the preconception that full coverage foundations with a matte finish always tend to look mask-like and after a couple of hours they get muddy on the face. Matte foundations also tends to accentuate flakiness and oxidise / turn darker.

Most of the current foundations are light and luminous, so Clarin’s Everlasting is a surprise !

I love the formulation, I have a sensitive combination skin, with dry and red areas. The color range  is very good for light skin, but darker skin will have a problem finding a good match.

I couldn’t find a good match, 105 is too pale for my skin tone, and its shade doesn’t change, even with 10 hours wear. The shade that appears on my skin when I first applied it is the shade I noticed by the end of the day.

It has a nice consistency, dense liquid with excellent slippage & blendability. It melts into the skin in seconds. It comes in a classy heavy glass bottle, with a pump. There is a notable sweet fruity + powdery scent, very similar to the YSL scent.

The coverage is superb ( opaque ), but still gives the illusion of sheerness & radiance. Everlasting is not ashy /chalky / dull / overtly powdery. I like the soft matte finish.

The staying power of this tenacious foundation is amazing! I only wore it for 10 hours, so I can not say if it really stays put for 15 hours; However during my wear, there was no change in its appearance – It didn’t slip / crack / cake / melt.

It manages to stay fresh and clean. It didn’t dry up my skin and feels rather light & comfortable despite all day wear. It feels very silky & sheer on the face, with a feather like weight.

I am very impressed by its formulation, totally indispensable for days when I want great coverage & excellent lasting power. My problem is 105 is too pale for my current skin tone. I am going to buy another deeper shade to custom blend my very own Everlasting foundation ( Yes, I like it that much )

And just a fact to cheer you up – This foundation is 25% cheaper than other high end foundations.

LPB recommend this to all of you that want a polished porcelain like complexion that still looks fresh & natural; the finest wear that stay true & last from dawn to dusk.

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  1. Color mis-match. The main reason why I have never used foundation. My skin is naturally dark and it is virtually impossible to find anything that matches. Apart from that, I was blessed with a problem-less skin, which further allows me to skip out on the base part of the make-up. Do you happen to know anything more or less suitable for dark skin?…


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