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L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream

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Since this is my 200th post, I decided to post about a brand that I had never tried before. I knew about L’Occitane, but I had never tried its face products before. I am very impressed by its Immortelle range. I wish my blogging life would be like the Immortelle flowers; resilient, bright & never fades.

Divine anti-aging skin care that fights the signs of aging, so you can face up the passing of time with absolute serenity.

The divine combination of organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils offers complete regenerating skin care. This combined action stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin microcirculation, which helps reduce damage caused by time and restore substance and vitality.

With three patents pending, this product provides complete rejuvenation of the skin by lifting the features and redefining facial contours with precision, smoothing wrinkles and providing intensive action to visibly firm the skin and ensuring the skin retains its youthful properties for a longer period of time.

Organic myrtle essential oil helps stimulate fibroblasts (the key cell in the dermis which produces collagen and elastin), which contain longevity proteins but become less active from the age of 35. By stimulating the longevity protein in fibroblasts, it will stay active and produce collagen and elastin for longer.

The L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream:

– Rejuvenates: from Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils

– Adds radiance: from the Vitamin C derivative

– Adds nutrition: from the high percentage of vegetable oils

Application of the product restores freshness, brightness and radiance to the face and meets the needs of even the most demanding skin by providing immediate comfort and well-being. This is a luxurious cream that unites pleasure with performance.

Key benefits:

• Tightens facial contours

• Improves firmness

• Brightens dark spots to even skin tone

• Smoothes lines & wrinkles

Consumer satisfaction tested on 53 women:


– The cream deeply nourrishes (98% of agreement)

– The cream deeply moisturises (94% of agreement)

– The complexion is radiant and luminous (91% of agreement)

After 4 weeks:

-The skin is revitalised (90% of subjects)

-The skin is smoother (94% of subjects)

– Skin slackening is reduced (84% of subjects)


Clinical test conducted on 32 women during 8 weeks:

– Reduction of the intensity of dark spots: -32%

– Reduction of the size of dark spots: -10%

Clinical test conducted on 25 women during 4 weeks

– Reduction of the volume of wrinkles: -24%

Corneometry clinical test conducted on 30 women:

+70% of increase of the hydration rate 2 h after the application.

+30% after 8 hours

+18% after 24 hours

Now, back to the cream; I knew I got to have it the moment I touch the jar & tried the product on the back of my hand. The designer jar looks & feels luxurious, almost a jasper like jewel ( great for decorating my vanity table )

The texture of divine cream is like a velvety butter sans the heaviness & greasiness; It actually leaves a powdery veil on my skin given the corn starch it contains.

The aroma of this ultra spreadable cream is heavenly soothing & relaxing.

Due to the micro-encapsulated essential oils, I was advised to apply this cream with a special massage technique ( a rather pleasurable manoeuvre given the inherent texture & fragrance of this cream ).

It leaves my complexion instantly hydrated, richly nourished and my features well rested. I find myself appears less fatigue the next morning after using this as a night cream ( I was trying this cream out while on a hectic business trip ). I also use it during the day, divine cream is an excellent day cream as it primes my face for make up; The only down side is it has no SPF.

I had not used this long enough to comment on its ability to fade dark spots, diminish wrinkles & lift slackening facial features… yet.


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  1. I love both L’Occitane and your ‘nothing happens without a reason’ banner. We Arabs call this ‘maktub’ – it was written.
    That jar looks fab indeed, although I am not a particular fan of yellow.
    I admit I am obstinately sticking to my Estee Lauder range for years (couldn’t be without Advanced Night Repair and Idealist), but it’s just about the only thing my skin tolerates long term. I get the most horrible reactions to La Mer, you can’t imagine. I vowed never to let that stuff anywhere near my skin again.


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