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Skin Essentials & Make Up Tricks beyond 50

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The structure of the skin will become looser and more fragile – primarily due to the decrease in collagen in dermis; Thus sagging & atrophy is inevitable.

Skin Care

In general, this is a time for intensive cherishing and daily maintenance. The motto for choosing products at this stage? Rich is good.

My mantra is give your skin a helping hand with extra protection & nourishment.

Some experts suggest a neck cream but I find that taking your moisturiser and night cream from bosom to hairline works well. If you want to treat yourself with a special neck cream, then Clarins Extra Firming  or Revive Fermitif neck renewal is a good one to iron out the creepiness & lift the sagging.

At bedtime, treat your skin a generous layer of goodness to feast on overnight. Massage in a few drops of fine facial oil ( choose a blend of pure plant oils, like Frankincense, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood ) then turbocharge with a rich night cream. My grandmother swears by Lancome’s Nutrix Royal, while my aunt solely depends on Shiseido’s Revital Cream Science AA Ex.

This is the right age to add a good eye cream or serum. Hyaluronic acid helps plumping up lines. I like Estee Lauder’s Time Zone eyes.

Your hands give away your age, so make sure your hand cream contains plenty of antioxidants & AHAs to help fade pigmentation spots – and always put on sun protection. I adore Dior’s Capture Totale hand cream with SPF.

A valuable addition to your regime is body oil, which will boost moisturisation. Pour a dessert spoon of almond, peach kernel or wheatgerm oil into the palm of your hand, add a scoop of body cream and mix. Apply this from neck below after bathing.

Incorporating massage techniques as you apply your daily moisturiser / night products. A full body massage can smooth out aches and pains – and lines!

Make Up

Use less make up, but better.

In general go for softer shades; Swap black mascara for dark brown; Use a softer, more natural lip shade , in creamy rather than matte finish; The same applies to blusher, but I recommend you to go bright with your blusher hue.

‘Colour is essential,’ says US-based make-up artist Craig Beaglehole, ‘because as you grow older, your skin and hair colour get lighter, so it’s important to bring back that brightness with soft pretty colours and light textures – avoid hard lines and dark lips.’

Aim for sheen, groomed style, as well as femininity. ‘Look like the most graceful and alluring lady in town,’ as Craig puts it, ‘with subtle make-up, well-kept nails, a great haircut and colour.’

I favour Chanel’s Vitalumiere or Dior’s Capture Totale range when it comes to foundation, as these are richer and more covering than most, yet with a sheer, natural finish on the skin.

If you must go for heavier or more opaque coverage, Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation will do the trick, with ease & excellency.

Skin brighteners perk up dull skin, help to give a little extra glow. Try Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat after your base or  use YSL’s Top Secrets Flash Radiance brush or Guerlain’s Midnight Star underneath your foundation.

Women with good skin may prefer a tinted moisturiser to even out skin tone ( Crème de la Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint, Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted ), plus concealer or foundation only where it’s really needed. Dust on a veil of translucent golden powder for evenings.

Eyebrows may well become thinner and paler during this decade; Use a light taupey shade of eyebrow pencil, rather than anything dark or with red in it. Even better if you could use brow powder rather than pencil.

For thinning eyelashes, try supplementing with Eylure’s individual lashes. They are excellent for filling out sparse patches. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from certain ophthalmological conditions, your prescription eyedrops may have to side effects of promoting lashes growth !

A gorgeous lipstick in a soft but vibrant shade ( rose, fuchsia, nutmeg or cinnamon, depending on your colouring ) and a fabulous long-lash mascara will bring the focus back to the centre of your face. Remember that applying a double coat of mascara on the outside lashes is more flattering than loading on black eyeliner.

Just stroke a whisper of colour on the lids ( soft colours and try to limit this to 2 or less shades ); NARS  & Shu Uemura both make gorgeous sheer powder eyeshadows, which are long wearing and crease resistant.

Be yourself, look after your health and your beauty will irradiates from within.


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