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Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

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This luxurious lipstick is formulated with Soja Seed extract, Brazilian Murumuru butter, and Chamomilla flower oil to offer a creamy texture and smooth & easy application.

Intense, stay true, nutrients infusing colour pigments will saturate your lips upon application.

I like Black Orchid & Blushing Nude from the range. I am more than happy to pay 35 GBP for these lipsticks, they are Tom Fords, FGS !


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  1. May God bless Mr. Ford, now and in all days, amen. Which reminds me… I still don’t know which of my Private Blends I should wear for confession this Sunday :-))))

  2. You speak from my heart! It’s usually either that or Lutens’ Fourreau Noir! Doesn’t it seem to you like NDN is a slightly more courtesan (as in French) version of Black Orchid?

    PS So happy we ‘found’ each other!

    • Absolutely, Noir De Noir is like the Courtesan one needs to lure & impress while Black Orchid is the one you just need to pay.

      I prefer White Patchouli, it’s like a mistress with the perfect balance of submission & dominance.

      Serge Luten’s Gris Clair is my choice for church or ceremonial events; I find the Ashes sillage over Lavender notes bring serenity and solitude.


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