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Best Skin Care Ingredients from Nature

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I found an article about skin nurturing ingredients from; while some has been known for years, some are newcomers worth watching for.

Cupuassu Butter

Extracted from the seed of the cupuassu tree, found in the river basins of the Amazon Rainforest; cupuassu butter absorbs approximately 240 percent more water than lanolin, making it a fabulous ingredient for moisturizing products because it helps skin absorb moisture from the environment.

Blackberry Leaf Extract

The sweet, delicious blackberry fruit, which is found throughout the Western Hemisphere and South America, has a very powerful leaf. Historically the blackberry leaf has been used to quickly heal bleeding gums and mouth sores by chewing it, and to remedy scaly skin conditions and psoriasis. Currently, an extract of it is being combined with other ingredients in skin care products to increase the production of elastin to help skin retain it’s elasticity.


Lemongrass, native to India, is known for its antiseptic quality and is commonly used as an essential oil to treat infections and skin conditions like acne. The oil can also be added to a bath to soothe sore muscles and aid in relaxation.


The key component in this fruit, native to the Iranian Plateau, is antioxidants. While pomegranates have been cultivated since ancient times, only recently have studies shown that they have the ability to heal skin wounds. For those who love the sun, this is great news. The antioxidants in the fruit may be able to repair UV-damaged skin and might possibly have the ability to extend the life of skin cells that produce collagen and elastin, make skin looking young, fresh, and plump.


Besides containing plant proteins that are easily digestible (and great for vegetarians), it is rich in vitamins. In Chinese folklore, it was actually believed that women working in the tofu industry (tofu is made of soybean) had shiny, porcelain skin due to their interaction with the bean; The soybean has been found to protect the skin from free-radical damage and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plus studies have shown that soy can help brighten your skin tone & fade dark spots.


This energizing crystal, which originates from Sri Lanka and became popular in Europe, is great for the skin as well. Its benefits are released when it’s ground into tiny crystals that start to warm as they are rubbed onto the skin. This creates a positive and a negative charge that helps the skin absorb vital nutrients and stimulates skin cells to create a radiant glow.


It turns out that dill, the small herb that originates from Eastern Europe, isn’t just good served on fish. For years it’s been used (in an essential oil form) for its disinfectant properties. When consumed, it can help cure colon, urinary tract and kidney infections. When applied to the skin, it can help protect wounds from infection and heals them faster.


Found in the Amazon Rainforest, this fruit is said to contain the highest concentration of antioxidants available in any fruit. It’s been shown to improve digestion, fight cancer, and best of all, fight the free radicals that cause premature aging.


Seaweed is teeming with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. When used in skin care products, seaweed has healing and rejuvenating properties (all great for anti-aging). The Vitamin A and C found in it work to maintain collagen, and the phytonutrients in it help increase blood flow to the surface of your skin causing a healthy glow.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, a plant that is part of the cactus family and likely originated in North Africa and the Canary Islands, contains a gel-like substance in its juicy fronds. This gel is known for its ability to heal burns, blisters, sunburns and many other skin ailments. It has been used for over 6,000 years to naturally cool, soothe, and soften skin.


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