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M7 was created by perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Alberto Morillas, and includes notes of agarwood, Haitian vetiver, bergamot, mandarin, rosemary, amber and musk.

M7 is a scent so unique that it empowers any man who wears it.

The seventh fragrance from the YSL perfumery, M7 is formulated as a rich and heavy scent teeming with rugged masculinity.

The fragrance notes features earth-tones &  wood accords. M7 was launched in 2002 and was created by perfumers Jacques Cavalier and Alberto Morillas.

Its provocative campaign stars martial arts champion Samuel de Cubber in the nude. According to creative director Tom Ford, the same virtuoso who designed the bottle, “Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body?”

As M7 is quite a complex and daring fragrance to begin with. A number of perfume reviews were pleased with the scent and their words are telling how impressed they have been with this perfume.

One review from Basenotes says, “Discretion or delirium resides in one’s own hands and is dependent entirely upon one’s approach to this superb fragrance. It has the power to overwhelm. Used discretely, it is a warm enveloping fragrance of ethereal proportion, but, though dangerously tempting for those smitten by M7’s elegant Oriental charms, over use will cause swooning. M7 is appropriately romantic and sensual. I have to curb my desire to keep re-applying it because it has remarkable longevity; the real issue is a kind of intoxication or addiction. I adore it.”

This scent is certain to announce itself in the crowd. Straightforward and powerful — that what makes it distinct among the plethora of masculine scent in the perfumery. The sillage is superb; it mellows into a lasting yet compelling aroma. The sharp, smoky sweetness bites giving it a more pronounced and edgy appeal. M7 suits the cold months of winter. The woody oriental base blankets you with a comforting warmth akin to a familiar embrace.

M7 is a love hate fragrance. It’s heavy and on certain occasions, overwhelms the sensitive noses. But for those who appreciate its beauty, it’s titillating, hypnotic and endearing. You just can’t get enough of it.

Another ultra masculine, ” alpha ” perfume that I adore. If Chanel Antaeus is a suited up banker, YSL M7 would be a bare butcher.


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  1. I completely agree on the butcher connotation. Those ads might have inspired Tom Ford in his choice of visuals for the new For Man he recently launched ( But whereas M7 really hits the spot, Tom Ford is just a purring kitty disguised as a panther. I don’t know what’s happening to Tom lately, but it seems that the Private Blend line (which is pure genius) ‘soaked’ up most of his creativity. Great review, LPB! Which reminds me I still have a thing or two to say on Santos by Cartier and Terre d’Hermes ;-).


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