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Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang

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Amber Ylang Ylang first captures my attention with its very sweet, honeyed, resinous and animalic facets but all expressed in a muted fashion. The citrusy bergamot and grass-blade-like geranium paradoxically invigorates my senses.

Ylang Ylang can distill a very erotic scent but in this case it has been toned down to keep some of its characteristic aspects such as its camphoraceous, inky, medicinal or phenolic facet at a low concentration.

The sweet facet of the perfume has been accentuated, the vegetal amber seeming to hesitate between smelling of honey, labdanum, and light maple syrup; a touch of coffee later in the dry-down adds another burnished hue to this chamber music for gilded browns.

The floral notes are enlivened by bergamot and warmed up by a balsamic, vanillic depth. A powdery animalic ambergris facet appears. A nice, nuanced note of dewy almond  & heliotrope even comes into play.

As the scent unfolds the texture becomes more resinous-ambery offering a soft glow. The creative team wanted the perfume to evoke the soft glow of candlelight and it does. It is pleasant to see a bouquet of flowers, ylang ylang among them, emerge from the liquid golden honey transforming warmth into freshness.

Amber Ylang Ylang is most reminiscent to EL Intuition for Her. It has the same soft, understated ambery aura. Amber Ylang Ylang warms you and makes you feel comfortable.

My new found love, sophisticated & sensual, best for seduction.


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  1. I must admit I have a fetish for bottles, and this one caught my eye. It’s like Mondrian, Klimt and Malevich all in one. How would you compare it to Prada L’eau Ambree? I know Prada rather moves in the classy (at any rate much more than into the erotic) direction, so I would be interested in your take on this. My personal experience with Lauder scents is not a very lucky one. They’re either too sweet to my palate, or recall room fresheners or toilet sanitizers (Pleasures Intense). At any rate, candle light and honey sound good, to say the least… I may have to give this one a try soon. Right after I receive my bottle of Santal Blanc ;-).


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