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Bobbi Brown Makeup Face Lift

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A range of products that promise to revitalise exhausted complexion like a magic wand, through illusions.

In my opinion, the star product is relaunched tinted eye brightener.

Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener, now in a portable pen, with just a quick twist and a click – no separate brush needed, you can apply this lightweight concealer to instantly brighten under-eye circles and refresh your makeup. It’s available in eight shades.

Although I used the old version ( pot ) before, I was never a huge fan; It was rather too opaque and heavy in finish; I was too lazy to use a concealer brush; It was a messy to try and blend it ……

This new portable pen version is more convenient in terms of portability and dispensing. I also find the new eye lift runnier in texture, sheerer in coverage and more blendable.

Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener never fails to perk up my fatigue eyes, cover up sins ( dark circles,  fine lines ) I wished to conceal. It doesn’t creased and last at least 6-8 hours.

The only complaint? The pot version was 7 mls, this pen version is only 1.5 mls!


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