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Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

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” The most power whitening serum ever ! ” _  Shiseido.

A cutting-edge anti-spot serum, created with the latest advancements in Shiseido skincare technologies to deliver intensive brightening benefits. Targets dark spots such as sun and age spots, acne marks and darkened pores to even out skin tone for perfectly radiant skin.

・Shiseido-original brightening ingredient 4MSK* and m-Tranexamic Acid help to diminish dark spots and prevent their formation.

・Specially developed with Multi-Target Vitamin C and natural Yomogi extract.

Helps prevent and diminish dark spots with 4 unique approaches:

1 ) m-Tranexamic Acid targets over-active melanocytes that produce excess melanin.

2) 4MSK helps diminish the activity of enzyme tyrosinase to reduce melanin production.

3) Multi-Target Vitamin C reduces melanin produced from pre-melanin DHICA.

4) Natural Yomogi extract promotes the smooth elimination of melanin from persistent spots.

Light and dewy in texture, this serum is instantly absorbed, leaving skin feeling hydrated and renewed in radiance.

Compared to its predecessor,  this serum is weightless in finish!

It’s a runny fluid that is scented with Shiseido signature aroma, refreshing upon application, rapidly absorbed and mildly hydrating.

It claims to target dark spots, blemish scars, under eyes circles and even congested, dilated  pores!

After 4 weeks of continual usage, I could testify that this really works in terms of unifying skin tone, brightening skin complexion & lightening scar.

So far, I did not notice any improvement in my dark circles and enlarged pores.

Overall, I think White Lucent IST serum is a remarkable brightening/lightening product with advance technologies; presented in an aesthetic/hygiene packaging; delivers what it promises ( well, to a certain extent )

Active ingredients:

4MSK, m-Tranexamic Acid, Multi-Target Vitamin C, Yomogi Extract, Super Hydro-Synergy Complex, Glucosyl Hesperidine etc


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